The Pughs


There are hundreds of examples of VIA turning things around for Vance, but I’d like to share one in particular. I remember when Vance was age four and we used to take him out to play on the church playground after services. He was such a handsome little rascal, with baby fine blonde hair and a megawatt smile which he readily switched on when the other kids approached. They came up and said hello and asked him the usual, “Hey kid what’s your name?” type questions, and Vance just stood there with hands behind him, and said nothing. After a few minutes the other kids would walk away. It left us wondering and worrying what his life would be like if this could not be changed?
By the time Vance reached 7 years of age we were getting a few words here and there, but we did not realize just how much had changed until one very special Christmas Eve. At candlelight service we gave Vance a lit candle with everyone else, not knowing what would happen. Then, when the Christmas carols started, Vance started to sing! He started singing, on key, with everyone else, reading the words from a hymn book. W’d never heard him sing before! We’d not tried to teach him. It was the best Christmas present ever. Dad’s tears were a fountain of pure joy. And we believe it would not have happened without VIA’s work with Vance.

Vance’s successes have continued and in November 2013 he graduated from VIA. Congratulations Vance!