VIA announces new logo and look

April 16, 2019 |

Dear VIA Community:

We are proud to share with you an exciting new development in VIA’s growth as an organization. We are announcing an updated look and logo for VIA. These changes are the product of considerable thought and conversation about how we communicate our mission and celebrate the strengths and capacities of the families we serve. They include:

  • Our new logo – The new VIA logo has been designed to use positive shapes to build the negative spaces of the letters V-I-A to remind us of how VIA turns assumed negatives into bright positives for each and every student and client that we serve.
  • Our constellation graphic (shown below) – At VIA, we do not place our clients on a spectrum because people are not one-dimensional, and neither is autism. Like all people, individuals with autism have their own distinctive strengths and weaknesses, creating a myriad of points that form the unique constellation of their own identity. We work to highlight the brightest points of a client’s constellation in such a way that builds both independence and connection.
  • Our new tagline “Bridging Science and Service to Build a Brighter Future” – VIA uses its expertise to translate science into service. VIA employs state-of-the-art, evidence-based approaches that are tailored for each individual and their family. Through our collaborative partnerships with the University of Virginia and others, we develop innovative services that result in meaningful and profound changes in the lives of the people we serve.
  • Our new web address – – VIA addresses the unique needs of people with autism throughout their lifespan. In response to a growing need to serve individuals of all ages, VIA now offers three service centers of excellence: James C. Hormel School, Outpatient Behavioral Services, and Adult Services. We are breaking down barriers and building bridges; not just among people with autism and their immediate circles, but within communities throughout central Virginia and beyond.

In the coming months, you will be hearing about exciting new ways that VIA is growing to meet the needs of families through new programs and partnerships that renew our long-standing commitments to both science and service. Our new brand identity celebrates the fact that everyone is different, and our world is a more vibrant place because of it. At VIA, we are building a brighter, more autism-friendly future.


Ethan Long, President
Barbara Rainville, Board Chair