Enjoy Tax Advantages When You Donate Stocks

Charitable donations of stock are exempt from the capital gains tax and are tax-deductible. VIA accepts donations of commonly held, publicly traded stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The easiest way for you to make these gifts is through an electronic transfer from your brokerage account to VIA’s brokerage account at Sturman Wealth Advisors.

Use the information below when requesting a stock gift transfer through your broker:

  • Sturman Wealth Advisors DTC# 0075, Account # 18047355
  • Virginia Institute of Autism
  • Tax ID 54-1815297
  • Sturman Wealth Advisors Phone: 434-817-8023
  • Sturman Wealth Advisors Contact: Todd Sturman

When stock shares are transferred to VIA, donor information isn't always included—but we want you to know that we appreciate your gift. Thank you! For a donation receipt for a recent gift of stock or securities, please complete and submit this form