Ashley Stonemetz-Walding is the director of compliance at VIA, but that’s just the most recent hat she’s put on in her 15 years with the organization.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the University of Akron, Ashley began her career as an in-home provider with the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism, where she learned about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and then worked in a special education school. She knew she was interested in working in a school that used ABA. That’s when she discovered and applied to work at VIA.

When Ashley came to VIA, she started as an instructor, eventually becoming a lead teacher and working with several different age levels. In 2012, she decided to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) utilizing VIA’s tuition reimbursement program. Ashley feels that VIA was ahead of other similar organizations at the time in terms of getting staff certified and building a team of behavior analysts.

Around the same time, VIA decided to start Outpatient Behavioral Services (OBS), and Ashley moved into a supervisor position there, bringing her in-home provider experience from Ohio. When the director position at OBS became available, Ashley applied and was selected to lead.

This year, Ashley transitioned into the new director of compliance role and is focused on streamlining processes throughout the organization while also ensuring compliance with over 10 governing bodies. With the recent announcement that VIA will merge with SVH Services in January, this work is even more crucial.

Throughout her time at VIA, Ashley has been impressed with the organization’s willingness to follow the data and evidence while also building upon the experiences and expertise of employees to make changes in order to meet the needs of students, clients, and adult consumers. During her tenure, Ashley has seen the creation of the adult day program, outpatient behavioral services, and most recently the decision to merge with SVH Services. She is excited about the new opportunities the merger will bring in terms of growth and bringing new voices and expertise to the table.