Blair’s Story


For families struggling with the challenges of autism, hope might be the greatest gift.

Just ask Angela Sherman. Her son Blair was a member of VIA’s first class in 1996. Before VIA, says Angela “we were struggling to get the needed services for our kids. The schools wanted to help, but they didn’t know how.”

“I can’t even describe how horrible it was,” says Angela. “His day was spent lying on the floor crying. Or he hid in the closet to cry. They didn’t know what to do for him.


Thankfully, VIA was there to give Blair the compassionate, intensive, one-on-one engagement that works against the core symptoms of autism.

“He was at a place where he was productively engaged, and learning, and happy,” says Angela. ”All of a sudden – there was hope.”

Thanks to the dedication and compassion of our staff, and to the support of generous donors like you, VIA has become a lifetime resource for people with autism and their families — “across the spectrum and across their lifespan.” As Blair and our other students have grown, VIA has grown with them — from early intervention programs, to family support, to services for the underserved adult population.

Today, Blair is a happy and engaged member of our Adult Academy, enjoying volunteer work, soccer and basketball outings, and engaging with our community.

For us,” says Angela, “VIA has meant the difference between life and death, and not just any old life, a pretty good life. I get to have a job. I get to go places. We get to do fun things and be in the community.”

Please continue to enrich the lives of families in your community struggling with autism by making a generous gift today!