“What a difference this community has made…”

Jessica, a single mother of three young sons, two of whom are diagnosed with autism, reached out to talk to us about the challenges her family has faced, and the ways that VIA has helped:

“My youngest child getting his autism diagnosis was very different than the first. When Sam was diagnosed eight years ago, I had panic and desperation.  I thought “I can’t do this alone.” I felt lonely and overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn. But when Sam’s younger brother Henry received his diagnosis a year ago, I took a deep breath and thought about all we had learned in the past eight years, and all the services and support we had received, and the community we’d experienced, and said to myself: “OK, I can do this.” It was a huge difference. What made the difference was VIA.’

No one can do it alone. VIA builds skills and resilience and community for the families we serve, and it’s generous support that makes that learning, that growth, and those connections possible. Jessica emphasized the special value of connection for her family:

“What a difference this community has made for us. That’s where the magic happens. I can’t overstate the impact of being seen and heard – interacting every day with people who get it, when so much of the world doesn’t.”

Your support for VIA’s services knits that community together for families like Jessica’s, and many more across central Virginia.  Thank you.