Day Schools

Year-Round Learning

If your child struggles in public school due to a developmental disability (autism or another neurological disorder), VIA may provide a solution. Our schools serve those 6 to 22 years old, and our students come from 14 central Virginia school divisions. Depending upon their ages, students may attend our James C. Hormel (JCH) school or attend classes at the Center for Adolescent and Adult Autism Services (CAAAS). Either way, VIA is here to help when your children's needs for learning, communication, behavior, or social supports are too intensive for public school settings.

Our Approach

We focus on helping students succeed in their least-restrictive settings—whether with us, with another program, or in public-school.

Learners at VIA’s JCH School engage in comprehensive, state-of-the-art education and clinical programs designed to address a range of needs. Our services are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and our students receive services from behavior analysts, special educators, speech-language therapists, and occupational therapists. 


Typically, eligible students receive funding through their local school districts’ special education Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. Talk to your child's teacher or school administrator to explore options. Find your school district's contact information